'Halo 4' Includes Microsoft Surface Tablet Functionality

Earlier this year, at E3 2012, Microsoft introduced the crowd to their new SmartGlass technology that adds a second screen to games in much the same way Nintendo's Wii U will. Not too long after that they revealed the Microsoft Surface tablet. Now, it looks like Halo 4 may be the first game to come packed with Surface functionality.

According to VentureBeat, Microsoft exec Don Mattrick recently mentioned the highly-anticipated first-person shooter during a panel at the GameBeat 2012 conference, stating that Halo 4 will, in fact, work with the new Surface tablet. Apparently, this was also confirmed by Mattrick after the panel.

Unfortunately, no specifics on how the Surface tablet and Halo 4 will interact were announced. Considering Halo 4 was in development long before SmartGlass or the Microsoft Surface were revealed, we're guessing that the functionality will be pretty limited in terms of what we will be able to do.

One idea is the implementation of Halo Waypoint, which could allow serious players to track their stats in real-time while they're busting skulls in online multiplayer. However, this is just speculation and we won't know anything for sure until Microsoft comes forward with more information. In the meantime, head down to the comments and tell us how you would like to see Surface and SmartGlass incorporated into Halo 4.

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