Will the Next 'Arkham' Game Be Set in the 50's?

Not a whole lot of information here beyond this Variety piece, but the publication claims that a stylized, 50's-set prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is in the works.

Rocksteady, the developer behind the game, plans to show gamers the first encounter between Batman and the Joker in a Silver Age setting. That would mean a brighter, less grim version of Gotham during an era where Batman was more of a Caped Crusader than Dark Knight. According to the Variety piece, it also leaves open the possibility of team ups with other super heroes like Superman and the Flash.

This might provide an out for Rocksteady to recast the Joker given Mark Hamill's insistence that Arkham City would be the last time he would voice the character.

Frankly, if any of this is true, a return to the Batman/Joker well might be a little too much, especially without Hamill in the lead. Batman has one of the richest rogues galleries in comics, and to not take advantage of that seems weird. As for the Silver Age setting, that would be a curious move by Rocksteady, who've so firmly entrenched their version of Batman in the grim/dark/serious territory that switching it up to another era could be a little jarring.

We'll reach out to WB and see if we can get any additional information here.

[Source Variety via Kotaku]

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