New Video Game Releases For the Week of 7/10: Dance, Dungeon Fighter, Dance!

The 3DS gets its second rhythm game this week with Rhythm Thief, Quantum Conundrum is finally coming to consoles, and walk right to hack and slash with Dungeon Fighter Live.

Title: Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure

Platform(s): 3DS

Remember Elite Beat Agents? That game was pretty alright. But we really haven't gotten another rhythm game in that vein from SEGA in a good long while. Enter Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure, which is getting its U.S. release this week.

This kind of story-based rhythm game might not be an easy sell (how many times, exactly, will you play it), but they're the kinds of titles that you'll pick up and play compulsively until you complete them (at least, that was my experience with PaRappa, Space Channel 5, and Elite Beat Agents). The vital question here is how well SEGA through developer XEEN have integrated the narrative, and if we'll get a moment as memorable as this.

Title: Quantum Conundrum

Platform(s): XBLA, PSN

We've written about this one before near it's PC release a couple of weeks back, but it bears repeating that Quantum Conundrum is hitting consoles this week.

First-person puzzle games should really be more of a thing, shouldn't they? Square Enix seems to think so given the marketing push they've put behind Airtight Games' downloadable title.

Title: Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall of Hendon Myre

Platform(s): XBLA

Side scrolling hack and slash games—now that's a genre I can get behind making a resurrection in the current console generation. This is a PC port of the 2D MORPG featuring anime art flourishes.

The big draw here is the four-player co-op, if you're so inclined to do some dungeon crawling with three of your friends (or complete strangers) via Xbox LIVE. Is there enough frenetic action here and depth of experience to make this the next Castle Crashers?

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