Let Valve Greenlight Your Game

The publisher and developer introduces Steam Greenlight, a new crowdsourcing service for indies on Steam.

So, you're an indie game maker and you want to put your new puzzle platformer (or whatever) up on Steam. Unfortunately, as it stands, you could potentially submit your game for the massive PC downloadable service and only get a yes/no response.

With Steam Greenlight, Valve has created a more open platform where the community can decide what gets published, while also encouraging active engagement from the developers. Smaller developers can now post screenshots, videos, and updates on their titles and the wider steam community can vote whether the game should get released through the service.

On the announcement page for the service, Valve is saying that this is an effort to modify an approval pipeline that could sometimes become clogged with one or two titles by opening it up to a larger voting pool. Valve also says this should allow developers to be more responsive to their prospective audience: if you're getting feedback from the community about the way the game looks or plays, then you can respond to it before features are baked in and final.

Right now, the service only supports PC and Mac builds, but it's an opportunity to get your game in front of an audience, right? Plus, Valve is encouraging developers to upload early builds marked as "playable." Again, it's another route where a developer can get some feedback on their concept while in the process of building out the final game.

[Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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