And Now It's 'Deus Ex May' Its Way Onto Movie Screens

CBS Films is adapting Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the big screen, and I'm begging them now to not make dubstep part of the experience.

My "old man shaking his fist at the future" stance on wub wub notwithstanding, a Deus Ex movie based on the second game in the series is happening. CBS Films, along with producers Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh, are looking to bring the series prequel to the big screen after being impressed with the sales response to the game last summer.

Adrian Askarieh has several other game properties in active development for film right now including Just Cause, Kane and Lynch, and another Hitman movie (second tim's the charm, right?). Those projects actually make up the sum total of all of his producing credits to date, while Lee has worked on quite a few big recent titles including How to Train Your Dragon, and quite a few Asian-to-U.S. remakes like The Eye and My Sassy Girl.

No word on who's attached to write or direct or even who they have in mind to play cybernetically-enhanced security expert Adam Jensen.

[Source: Variety]

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