World Building: New Forge Mode in 'Halo 4' Being Crafted by Certain Affinity

The Austin-based developers behind Crimson Alliance and the Halo: Reach Defiance Map Pack are putting together new tools and options for would-be Halo map makers.

More details from the Rooster Teeth Expo panel after the jump.

Top lining the new features being added to Halo's level editing tools are the ability to modify gravity and even game modifying trait changes for players who decide to join level makers in their new creation.

First up some of the very tech-y stuff: there will now be a new function that locks objects into place so that they can't be jostled along with object magnetization which will allow users to snap and lock objects together in preset ways. The updated Forge mode will also include an easy copy paste system for objects and buildings, and the object selection using the cursor has been streamlined, highlighting selected objects in green and giving users their names.

When it comes to the way the whole map will look, Certain Affinity is updating the lighting system, allowing objects to cast shadows or have shadows fall over them.

Halo 4 will be available November 6th.

[Source: Polygon]

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