Is Rovio Planning An 'Angry Birds' Game From The Pigs' Perspective?

Rovio has seen huge success thanks to Angry Birds. Their most recent adventure saw the avian warriors flung into space and nabbed millions of downloads in just the first few days after its release. But what about the pigs? When will we be able to play from their perspective? A new report suggests that may happen sooner than we think.

According Pocket-lint, Rovio is already hard at work on a new title that would have players controlling those egg-thieving pigs rather than the Angry Birds out for revenge. Apparently, the game will feature a number of different pigs and, like the birds in Angry Birds, each will have their own unique abilities.

The game will supposedly still feature the catapult along with the stone and wood structures fans of the series have become familiar with. However, instead of trying to get the stolen eggs back players would be on a mission to protect the eggs the pigs have already taken. Whether or not this means we'll building structures and fighting off birds, rather than tearing structures down is still a mystery.

The game is expected to drop sometime before Christmas, but keep in mind that this is purely rumor and speculation. Until Rovio comes out and makes a official announcement, take this info with a grain of salt.

What do you think? Would an Angry Birds title focused on the pigs' perspective be something you'd play?

[via Pocket-lint]

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