Michael Fassbender Signs on for 'Assassin's Creed'

The X-Men: First Class and Inglourious Basterds star will make the lower thirds of the currently unnamed assassin's face very, very handsome for Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

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This news comes from Empire Online, who say that after a lot of wrangling with big studios, Ubisoft's specially-created Motion Pictures house is teaming with Fassbender to bring Assassin's Creed to the screen. The Shame and Hunger star will be playing Desmond as well as one of his assassinating ancestors, and co-producing the film.

Ubisoft is doing their best to control the destiny of their Assassin, using their own studio to maintain creative control and avoid the tragic pitfalls of movie video games' past. That would include their Underperforming (in that it made money, just not hand over fist) collaboration with Disney on Prince of Persia which was tagged to be a major franchise a la Pirates of the Caribbean but was hampered by a limp script and an almost complete lack of chemistry between its leads.

At this time, the script's still under wraps, so it's not clear in which period the actual assassinating part will be happening.

Frankly, I'm digging this decision. Adding Fassbender to the cast would seem to go a long way towards giving the movie a bit more gloss than it would have otherwise (name one big-name actor in a string of Oscar-nominated films who's signed on the dotted line for one of these things). Plus, he's been pretty savvy about his roles up to this point.

This will actually mark the actor's second foray into the video game world, by the way: back in 2010 he voiced Fable III's villain Logan.

[Source: Empire Online]

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