SDCC 2012: Capcom Brings Ridiculously Expensive Chess Set, Other Stuff to the Con

Have $400 for a Street Fighter 25th anniversary chess set? That makes one of us. Capcom's gonna be selling them at SDCC this week along with more memorabilia that the rest of us non-ballers can afford.

More of stuff for you to buy (or covet) after the jump.

Capcom ran down a partial list of some featured items that will be making there way to the Capcom Store at SDCC. Apparently many of these items will be in short supply based on limited daily allotments, so don't go getting your heart set on just one thing—the other gamers/comic fans with money burning a hole in their pocket might get their first.

Among the highlights of their highlights are the Play Arts Kai action figures which will sell for $55 each and come limited to 36 per figure. Limited color versions of Ryu, Cammy, Akuma, and Chun Li will be available. Or you can try your luck with one of Capcom's $30 grab bags.

You can find Capcom's list along with allotment details below:

Welcome To Raccoon City sign – $25 each, 100 units at 20 per day. One per person. Capcom Store Exclusive.

Famous Capcom Store Grab Bag – $30 each, 296 units at about 60 per day first come first served. Capcom Store Exclusive.

Monster Hunter blind box poogies Japanese import– $10 each, 89 units. 2 per person first come first served.

Premium SDCC Street Fighter 25th Anniversary tee – $20 each no restrictions. Capcom Store Exclusive.

Dante’s Ebony & Ivory Piano Repair tee – $20 each no restrictions. Capcom Store Exclusive.

Hello Kitty Chun Li Plush – $40 each, 150 units at 30 per day. Shared exclusive.

Pink Variant Chun Li Bobble Budd – $11 each, 1000 units at 200 per day. Capcom Store Exclusive.

SSFIV Play Arts Kai Action Figures – $55 each, 36 units of each. Ryu limited black version, Chun Li limited black version, Akuma limited white version and Cammy limited white version. One of each character per customer first come first served.

[Source: CapcomUnity]

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