What's Next For 'Syndicate' Developer Starbreeze?

The Chronicles of Riddick developer might go outside of their first-person shooter comfort zone for their next title, according to an interview with Edge Online.

Syndicate (my review) took the visceral, at times brutal FPS experiences that we tend to associate with Starbreeze games and dropped it in the middle of a listless shooter with a small toolbox for you to mess around with. Aside from the multiplayer, it was not very good.

Well, the company's CEO, Mikael Nermark, is boasting that their project, a collaboration with filmmaker Josef Fares, P13 will be something players aren't expecting, refusing event to comment on whether the upcoming title will be an FPS. Details are scarce on the downloadable title which Starbreeze is funding and releasing through 505 Games, but it's something definitely worth keeping our ears to the ground for.

Personally, I'd love it if Starbreeze made another first-person title like Riddick that wasn't necessarily a shooter. The developer has figured out how to make that perspective tactile in a way that many others have not. Your characters feel like they have weight and their interactions with the world do too.

There's still pointy/shoot-y in their future, though, with Payday 2 on the way from the recently-acquired Overkill Studios, developer of Payday: The Heist.

[Source: Edge]

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