It's Stallone's Birthday, So Why Not Show Off a New 'Rambo' Game

Publisher Reef Entertainment will be unveiling their Rambo game during Gamescon, give us a "coming soon" site for now.

Happy birthday, Sly!

While the 66-year-old actor has begged off making any more Rambo films (and really, how can you top 2008's gore-drenched Rambo), that doesn't mean that the character can't come back in video game form.

While U.K. publisher Reef Entertainment still hasn't provided any additional details about what kind of game Rambo: The Video Game will be, we'll doubtless find out more this August when Gamescon takes place in Cologne in August. According to the company's Commercial Director, Craig Lewis, Rambo: The Video Game will allow players "to really get under the skin of Rambo and wield his iconic weapon-set in battle." So, bows, AK's, and mental trauma, then?

Whatever the result, it will have a hard time beating the best Rambo game we've played this year.

Or this:

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