The Synthetic Sounds of Christian Gabel's 'Krater' Soundtrack Now Available

Christian Gabel: Krater – Background Story from Christian Gabel on Vimeo.

The soundtrack to Fatshark's squad-based RPG is available on iTunes, and it sounds like something I think you guys might like.

The 11-track album will run you about $11 in the iTunes store, but it's got some great moods to it, all moody synths with the occasional broodingly orchestral moment. It's the work of composer Christian Gabel, who says the inspiration for the score was a movie that was never made. In the 90's, he discovered a set of drawings for a film depicting his hometown having been destroyed, dated 1982. Unable to find any additional information about the production, Gabel went on to use it as the basis for his work here. You can hear the John Carpenter in it, but that doesn't overwhelm the work. I just bought it on impulse, so look for a review soon.

You can get the Krater soundtrack from the iTunes store at this link.

On the other hand, if you'd like a physical copy of the soundtrack in a lovely package, Fatshark has the 2-disc set below for you. It includes a copy of Krater as well as the OST in a nice-looking gatefold, but it's a little pricier. You can decide where you want to drop the approximately $60 USD for it in the Fathsark store.

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