Battle Arena E3 Throwdown: And the Winner Is...

The cream of the videogame crop has been hand-picked to battle for your entertainment in our all-out, no holds barred, slug-fest of the best trailers and videos from this year's E3! 32 characters from the hottest, freshest franchises will be judged by you, the fans, and there can only be one winner. Who gets an extra life and who gets unplugged is up to you!

Agent 47. Grimlock. Dino. Asssassin. Transformer. Bald guy.

The suspense... it's a killer!

Both of the final competitors came into the final round with consistently ridiculous leads over their opponents, week in and week out. It's hard to pin down what you saw in these two characters, Grimlock making his video game debut in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Agent 47, returning to the gaming scene with Hitman: Absolution. Both are notoriously tough and notoriously tough to kill, but the similarities end there.

But by an overwhelming margin, you had a winner in mind and you choose the best man (or dinosaur, you'll just have to read a couple more words to find out who it was). We're just happy you guys were excited about our little competition.

Now without further ado, your inaugural E3 Throwdown winner, with a total of 66.3% of the vote with 39,763 is... Agent 47!

Congratulations to IO Interactive team and publisher Square Enix and thank you readers for keeping the contest alive these past few weeks.

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