Sauron and Gandalf Duke it Out In The First 'Guardians of Middle-Earth' Gameplay Trailer!

There's no hiding our excitement for the The Hobbit's big screen debut this winter and those of us who just can't wait to return to Middle-Earth can thankfully get familiar with the world once again when Guardians of Middle-Earth lands on PSN and Xbox LIVE this fall. Check out the first ever gameplay footage from the 5v5 online arena battler below!

As usual, things in Middle-Earth have become rather hellish. With a war raging between the forces of light and dark, Guardians of Middle-Earth throws players into 5v5 matches in massive online battle arenas spread across huge maps resembling locations from the Lord of the Rings saga.

More strategy than all-out beat'em up, teams will be able to coordinate attacks and defensive maneuvers to protect their structures while attempting to demolish their opponent's in arcade-style top-down struggles. In the trailer we're happy to see legendary characters like Sauron, Gandalf and Gollum, but we'll apparently be able to choose from 20 or so characters when building our teams. Each will have their own unique special abilities, allowing players to experiment and create a team with balanced strengths and weaknesses in their quest for virtual dominance.

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