'Battlefield 3' Premium Subscribers, There are 800,000 of You

EA's subscription service for Battlefield 3 picks up nearly a million users in its first two weeks of release, according to a USA Today piece with EA Games chief Patrick Soderlund. Not bad numbers in the least for a game that's been out for nearly eight months.

The release included the "Close Quarters" DLC, which brought new weapons and maps to the DICE-developed shooter.

For reasons much too ridiculous to get into here, I've only had a couple of hours to mess around with Premium thanks to a code sent over by EA PR. But I can say this: it's a much smoother experience than the Elite service, used by Modern Warfare 3. Instead of taking you out of the game into a separate application, you can check the DLC release and event calendar right inside the game, plus the layout is simply a lot more coherent. I'll try to bring you more detailed thoughts in the next few days, but kudos to DICE for building on the game in the way they have.

[Source: USA Today]

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