Stabby Swag: NECA Creates Replica of 'Assassin's Creed II' Gauntlet

Preorders are now open for NECA's hilariously deadly Gamestop exclusive.

Infinite eye pokes on your wrist. Accidentally stabbings in a box. The genuine jabber.

I feel like someone at figure, replica, and toy maker NECA should be putting this somewhere on the box for their Ezio Auditore Role-play Replica Gauntlet. Retailing for $39.99 and available on October 30th exclusively through Gamestop, this thing certainly looks well-crafted and a fine compliment to your Ezio cosplay.

The replica measures out to a total of 15" when fully extended using its spring-loaded (naturally) blade. It's secured to your wrist using a combination of buckles and velcro. According to its sale page, the whole thing is made of a combination of PVC and ABS plastics, thus blunting the accidental harm quotient quite a bit.

Frankly, I love the way it looks. While not a huge replica guy myself (or really, at all), I can respect the craftsmanship that goes into something that's well-crafted. While it might be a different story up-close, based on the photos on its sales page, this is a well put together piece of work.

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