Forget the Pyro, Meet the Source Filmmaker

Valve announces their own in-engine filmmaking tools and is accepting letting users sign up now for the beta.

"Anything that exists in the game can be used in the movie, and vice versa." That's Valve's promise with their new Source Filmmaker, a free tool that will allow you to make your own videos using Source Engine assets.

"Meet the Pyro," and more broadly the 50 shorts Valve has released to support TF2 are proofs of concept for the developer and the Source Filmmaker.

In the video above, Valve designer Bay Raitt explains some of the aims and ambitions of the new software, specifically condensing a complicated animation pipeline down to something that can be managed on the fly. That means moving into a 3D scene, dropping characters and assets in, changing animations, etc. in real time, as opposed to the traditional process of build in-engine, test video, go back into engine and change, test, repeat.

If Valve's tools can do what's promised here, that could represent a sea change for ease of use in creating animations and fan-made machinima going forward.

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