The New Hotness: Valve Releases Their 'Meet the Pyro' Video

If you believe in magic, you should watch this new trailer. Plus, what are Valve and Adult Swim cooking up together.

I love the central gag in this video, shifting the Pyro in and out of this sort of boogeyman image like Michael Meyers or something that the other characters don't even want to talk about.

The newest video was made using Valve's own Source-based filmmaking tools and given their penchant for making animated things for our enjoyment, could this mean that they're collaborating with Adult Swim on some kind of animated series or feature?

It's a hat, actually. An exclusive chicken hat which you can find out about here. Honestly, while I didn't bank on Adult Swim working with Valve on an animated series (TF2 is funny, but not the kind of scatalogically-minded funny that the Adult Swim lineup is), I was kind of hedging my bet on some kind of collaboration on their gaming front, maybe a suite a flash titles for

But Valve and Adult Swim promise more collaboration news in the future. Can we expect to hear something at San Diego in a couple of weeks? Maybe before then?

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