On the Second Day of Pyromania, Developer Valve Gave to Me... Guns!

Valve's countdown to their "Meet the Pyro" video goes gun crazy with hot new weapons for four of the game's classes.

After yesterday's release of the new Doomsday map in Team Fortress 2, Valve has revealed a six new guns with a bit of extra pyrotechnics in a new update dubbed "City on Fire." The Scout, Sniper, Soldier, and (of course) Pyro classes are all getting armed up.

The Scout gets a new pistol and scatter gun combo while the Sniper has a new carbine and a rifle to add to his arsenal. The Soldier and Pyro both get a bazooka and flare gun respectively. You can see pictures of the new guns and check out their specs here.

Remember, it's all leading up to Valve's big "Meet the Pyro" reveal today at 11 AM PST on Team Fortress 2's "Pyromania" page.

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