Hey, Wanna Play a Kinect Game Featuring Tim Schafer? 'Haunt' is Free on Xbox LIVE

The Psychonauts creator and Double Fine head honcho lent his voice to a video game, and they're just giving it away this week.

The downloadable game from Japanese developer NanaOn-Sha (they made PaRappa the Rapper way back when) is free this week through July 2nd in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. You can grab it now on the new Kinect Central dashboard on Xbox LIVE (I tried queueing it up on xbox.com, no dice).

Anyway, the game involves you traveling through a haunted house, dodging ghosts and such. It's been out since January of this year and Schafer lends his voice to the game. Here's the synopsis if you'd like to know more:

Welcome to Benjy's Mansion - a spooky haunted house where you are the first visitor for a generation! Haunt leverages the power of Kinect to enable you to freely explore the house using just your body as the controller - you'll need to stay on your toes in order to outsmart the mansion's host of fiendish ghosts and unravel the sinister secrets that shroud the mansion in mystery!

[Source: Major Nelson's Blog]

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