Shin Megami Moves: Atlus Releases Six 'Persona 4 Arena' Move Tutorial Videos

See Atlus's upcoming fighting game in motion, and maybe learn a little something in the process.

Did we slip out of the era of glossily-produced fighting game guides? I mean, I know that companies like Brady Games and the like still make them, but they seem to be getting less and less details as the years go on, eschewing the theory of fighting games for simple character bios and move inputs. I was a murderer when it came to Tekken 5 thanks to that game's Prima guide, but it feels like by default, since everyone can get the moves online, the publishers are putting in less effort (and my playing suffers because I can retain nothing).

In recent years, I've had to rely on sites like Event Hubs to get me back into fighting shape for the latest and greatest titles.

Ah, I'm showin' my age.

Atlus does you one better than a simple guide with videos detailing the moves of some of the characters appearing in this August's Persona 4 Arena.

Persona 4 Arena is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 on August 7th.

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