Collector's Edition of 'Dead or Alive 5' on the Way

In the ever escalating war of special and collector's editions of recent releases, Tecmo Koei maybe isn't deploying the big guns in the way that say, Far Cry 3 has, the publisher along with developer Team Ninja have a very targeted strategy for a certain loyal segment of the series' audience. More on that in a second.

Besides including the game itself (naturally), the DOA 5 collector's edition will include a poster, soundtrack CD, and premium art book. The whole thing shebang come in an embossed steel case.

So what else? Playable characters? A bobble head? A tiny little Ryu Hayabusa?

C'mon, this is the DOA series, so of course it had to be a swimsuit collection for the entire female roster of characters.* No word on what kind of elaborate, weirdo alt costumes Zack will get this time around.


Dead or Alive 5 will be available September 1st for the 360 and PS3.

*By the way, three months out and the full character roster still hasn't been announced? What's that all about?

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