Developer 5th Cell's XBLA Shooter 'Hybrid' In Screens

The upcoming 3 on 3 shooter slaps on a jetpack and takes aim at your eyeballs with this set of screens from the Awesomenauts developers.

Taking place in the year 2032, Hybrid is set after an accident with the Hadron Supercollider wipes Australia off the map and opens up a gateway to an alternate reality. And the folks on the other side, called Variants, aren't too happy to see us, spilling out and engaging in some combat using chest-high cover and jetpacks with the Earth-based faction called Paladins.

The game's official site promises 10 maps as and modes. The cover-based shooter is coming August 8th as part of Xbox LIVE's Summer of Arcade for 1200 MS Points.

You can see the game in action in the trailer below:

Hybrid E3 Trailer from 5TH Cell on Vimeo.

And here's the game in screens:

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