The DreamCast Will Never Die: New Shooter 'The GunLord' Available Now

Developer NG:DEV.TEAM creates a new side-scrolling shooter for the DreamCast, a 16-bit one for SEGA's last console. You know, as one will.

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The Gunlord is the latest project from the German developer behind DreamCast shooters Pink Bullet: The Last Hope and Fast Striker. NG:DEV.TEAM seems to develop games exclusively for consoles that aren't with us anymore, with ports of their last two games making their way onto the NEO GEO in cart form, as well as, of course, for the seemingly impossible to kill DreamCast.

Their latest is a an exploration-based side scrolling shooter which promises non-linear 16-bit action over nine stages at 60 FPS. It actually went on sale on June 21st, but there's a limited collector's edition of the game available for preorder on PlayAsia, if you're still holding on to your DreamCast (or, if you want to cheap out, you can get the regular edition instead). Don't worry, The GunLord is region free, so you can just pop it into your console, pop your VMU into your controller and blast away like it's 1999 and you're pretending it's 1991.

You can find out more about The GunLord on the the developer's site.

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