Live Out Your Teen Wolf and Twilight Fanfic with 'The Sims 3: Supernatural'

EA’s wickedly popular, doll-house torture simulation is getting an extraordinary expansion pack this September.  Announced June 13th, The Sims 3 Supernatural lets you fulfill all your mystical fantasies featuring fearsome werewolves and magical faeries; you can even unleash the living impaired on an unsuspecting town.

Taking place in a sleepy, haunted town of Moonlight Falls, you'll be able to live out all your Gothic dreams with gloomy new decorations and tiles. It also seems to be taking a few spells from The Sims: Making Magic as you'll have access to library of new hexes and tricks to pull on the unsuspecting denizens. From the press release:

The Sims 3 Supernatural gives players the new ability to create werewolves, fairies, witches and more intriguing vampires directly in the Create A Sim tool, customizing characteristics that range from the hairiness of a werewolf’s body to the shape of a fairy’s wings. While playing as supernatural Sims, players will discover new abilities, traits, skills and interactions that enhance their gameplay, including delayed aging for fairies and vampires, innate magic channeling for witches, and lycanthropy for werewolves, which enables them to control their animal instincts and transform at will.

In The Sims 3 Supernatural, players also have the option to learn magical crafts by casting spells and brewing elixirs that will charm or hex their Sims’ lives. These potent concoctions have a wide variety of effects from career-boosting to weight loss and even zombification. The zombification elixir will turn unsuspecting Sims into brain-hungry, shuffling monsters that are driven to wreak havoc on the town. In addition, players have the ability to share their brews with any friends who have The Sims 3.

As players delve into the world of the supernatural and explore the eerie new town of Moonlight Falls, they will uncover enchanted objects and gothic décor, including a sliding bookcase that conceals a hidden lair and a powerful mirror with magical interactions. Players may also choose to embark on a new career path as a mystic fortune-teller or build their skill to become an alchemic master. Meanwhile, the onset of the mysterious lunar cycle will unveil strange revelations, secrets and mysteries that will shake up the entire town.

As if the prospect of lyncans and vampires running amok doesn't hook you, if you pre-order Supernatural you'll get some special limited edition Plants VS. Zombies such as pea shooter to help beat back the brain gobbling hooligans.

Honestly, the best thing about the Sims is seeing what wonderful and horrible new ways you can get them into life and death situations. It's probably the closest you'll get to a real Saw game (those third person Silent Hill rip-offs don't count). And you'll have plenty of opportunities to scare your pretend family to death in all new ways, though being locked in a doorless bathroom until you die is still the go to champion of messing with the life of your sims.

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