Kojima Announces a New Metal Gear!

Spotted earlier today on NDTV, master secret keeper Hideo Kojima confirms what many of you hoped and (mostly likely) predicted would happen. Yes, Metal Gear Solid 5 is a thing that is happening.

We can probably expect another Big Boss/ Naked Snake story as MGS 4 wrapped up (for the most part) the story with Solid Snake. The folks over at Eurogamer and Escapist Magazine speculate that it might be a sort of call back to The Boss and her Cobra Unit during the Normandy invasion and operating covertly during WWII. Personally, I want more details on the enigmatic Patriots and how they're involved on the global scale. I would also like to see what weird concepts and game features Kojima and team could dream up if we see a Wii U release. In any case, we can definitely expect the tactical stealth action littered with plenty of cutscenes.

We also know that MGS 5 will run on the FOX Engine that was developed after the last game. Not much was shown in the 2011 demo other than a pre-rendered animation of Snake in the jungle, so take it for it is, although each game looked gorgeous in their own right.

Other than the new engine, Kojima talked about 'social interactions' similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If true, this could add a whole new layer to meld gameplay and story. Maybe we'll have a Mass Effect style mission layout in which we can alter the story more directly than watching a cutscene? This would be a pretty big departure from the notoriously, lengthy videos that Kojima loves to direct.

Who's to say what we'll get but we'll keep any open eye for more news. Until then, please fight over what you think is the best Metal Gear of the series!

[Source: NDTV, Eurogamer, Escapist Magazine]

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