Battle Arena E3 Throwdown: Quarter Finalized

The cream of the videogame crop has been hand-picked to battle for your entertainment in our all-out, no holds barred, slug-fest of the best trailers and videos from this year's E3! 32 characters from the hottest, freshest franchises will be judged by you, the fans, and there can only be one winner. Who gets an extra life and who gets unplugged is up to you!

You know, we really thought Luffy was going to take it all the way to the final round again. Unfortunately, the One Piece pirate was defeated by a last-minute rally by Agent 47. We're just going to assume that means you like your heroes bald, not bendy.

Also out: Pikmin, handily defeated by Transformers' Grimlock, who's now two for two in matchups against Nintendo characters. You come at the robot T-rex, you get the teeth. Another animation-to-game character with a big win: Eric Cartman took out Metal Gear Rising's Raiden.

The shape of this competition is starting to look weird, with unexpectedly close matchups (Dead Space hero Isaac Clark eking out a 0.4% win against Spider-Man) or crazy lopsided (the Skyrinm's Dovahkiin wiped Sam Fisher out with a 4-to-1 lead, while Connor toppled the Master Chief by a 2-to-1 margin). Oh, and Lara Croft's not having a better time of it this week, getting bounced by Star Wars 1313's unnamed bounty hunter.

Voting for round two begins right here at 6:00 PM ET: Battle Arena E3 Throwdown

And here's the current batch of matchups:

After this, there's only one round left:

Fourth round:

6pm ET 6/25 to 12pm ET 6/28

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