Look Over Leon's Shoulder in Nearly 20 Minutes of "Resident Evil 6" Gameplay

Leon's latest experience with a coed doesn't go as well as the last one.

****Some minor story spoilers to follow****

Based on these gameplay videos from Twitch TV, we can get a sense of how Leon will handle in the next game, and it seems to be pretty similar to how Chris and Sheva played in Resident Evil 5. The move-and-shoot action this time around gets pretty close up, almost claustrophobic even (is that the final targeting reticule?) as Leon doles out a few carefully placed headshots to the zombie horde.

According to the CapcomUnity post featuring the videos, each of the three characters in the game, Leon, Chris, and Jake, will favor a different tone, with Leon's focusing on "tense, atmospheric gameplay." What kind of tone would Chris or Jake warrant then? I'm guessing burly, brawly action for Chris, and given Jake's parentage (don't tell anyone, but Wesker's his daddy) we might get a little melee action out of the still mysterious character.

Here's part one:

...and part two:

Resident Evil 6 will be available on October 6th for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

[Source: CapcomUnity]

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