'Lingerie Football League' Rights Hiked to YUKE's Media

In a world were ‘breast physics’ exist and booth babes are still gawked at during professional expos, it’s no surprise that gamers are more often than not thrown into the category of the horny teenage boy, down in the dark basement, sweaty palms gripped tightly around a joystick, vigorously pumping at buttons into all hours of the night. Well, adding fuel to that fire comes a game so blatantly pandering that I’m shocked that it hasn’t been announced sooner. Following in the classy stylings of BMXXX and Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball, developer YUKE’s announces Lingerie Football League: The Video Game.

If you aren’t familiar with the LFL, you might remember other famous analogues to Super Bowl such as the Puppy Bowl, the main draw here being sexy ladies in revealing outfits ramming into each other in semi-real attempt on the gridiron. Here’s an excerpt from the press release that explains it a little better:

Since premiering in Fall 2009, the Lingerie Football League has been recognized as the 'Fastest growing sports league in the United States' by BusinessWeek drawing sell-out crowds, 2nd in Primetime television ratings and aggressive expansion both domestically as well as international. In comparison to now billion dollar popular sports franchises such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) through their first three seasons of operation, the LFL has achieved far more national television viewership, attendance and popularity through the same initial period of time.

I’ll admit as a relatively young, hetero male that the idea of half naked, pretty women appeals to me; and I guess watching them play a sport that I have a passing fancy in is a bit novel(?). I’m not really sure who this is marketed to except people who are either really hard up on female attention or, um, well, I guess that really is probably it.

Anyway, YUKE's made several of the WWE and UFC games and they were pretty OK for the most part. They seem to have a decent grip on the fanbase and maybe this will be a sleeper hit for the niche crowd of gamers really into looking at sexy girls playing sports.

[Source Destructoid]

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