"Doom 3: BFG Edition" Dated, Priced for October

The remastered version of the first next-gen Doom (well, for consoles, anyway) is on the way October 16th.

More details after the jump.

The packed-to-the-gills release will be hitting Europe on October 19th. Regardless of what territory you're in, the BFG Edition is on the way from publisher Bethesda Softworks for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The PC version is being priced at $29.99, while the console counterparts will run you $39.99.

All versions all include the HD remastered version of Doom 3, along with enhanced, 5.1 audio, improved lighting, trophy and achievement support, "The Lost Missions" seven level DLC, and the all-important in-game shoulder-mounted flashlight, meaning you will no longer have to choose between illumination and shooting things in Doom 3. On top of all of that it will include the "Resurrection of Evil" add-on along with good old Doom and Doom 2.

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