This Square Play Arts Solidus Snake From "Metal Gear Solid 2" Has More Arms to Hug You

Clone. President. Father. Patriot.

Tentacle Enthusiast.

The latest Play Arts Kai figure from Square features the Metal Gear 2 heavy in all of his power-suited glory. Details and more images after the jump.

Solidus joins the ranks of highly-detailed and somewhat pricey figures from the Play Art line of toys. The character has, like most characters in the Metal Gear canon, a complicated history: he's a clone of Big Boss who was also the adoptive father of future cyborg assassin Raiden and also the President of the United States under the remit of the shadowy Sons of the Patriots. And now you can bring him to your home!

No release date was given for the figure, but it's available for presale on sites like Toy Wiz whose page says it's shipping sometime in November.

You can see more images of President Snake below:

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[Source: Metal Gear Solid Facebook page]

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