New Video Game Releases for the Week of 6/19: Gods, Heroes, Soldiers... and Puzzles?

While there aren't a ton of major new releases this week, the current crop is still pretty diverse with LEGO Batman 2 swinging onto all platforms, Steel Battalion stomping its way onto Kinect, Quantum Conundrum giving you a bit of a brain twister, and Civilization V receiving its "Gods & Kings" expansion.

Title: LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes

Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, DS, 3DS, Wii

LEGO Batman 2 represents a few significant shifts for the LEGO game brand: most notably, it's going to have full voice acting with a host of animation vets taking on the roles of Gotham's denizens as well as a few out-of-town heroes and villains. It's also doing what DC Comics is so very good at doing in both its comics and animation arenas, which is exploiting a shared universe.

With multiple playable DC heroes and villains, an open city, multiple costumes and abilities for Batman and Robin, and a host of vehicles, LEGO Batman 2 is practically impossible to resist, based at least on the back-of-the-box description.

Title: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Platform(s): Xbox 360

[Clint's review]

You really couldn't follow up the original two Steel Battalion games with a title that supported a controller or keyboard and mouse. No, it had to be some kind of step into undiscovered country.

That's essentially what Capcom has done with Heavy Armor, making the title one of the few controller/Kinect hybrids on the market right now. Clint's review indicates that while the vision of the game is strong, the execution is weak. Still, is that enough to deter the faithful and the curious who have the Kinect hardware sitting on top of their TV from picking this one up?

Title: Quantum Conundrum

Platform(s): PC

Publisher Square Enix and developer Airtight Games haven't been shy about putting Quantum Conundrum's designer Kim Swift out front when talking about the game, or making the connection between her work here and on the first Portal. And as well they should: Portal was, in many ways, a funny, masterful game (if you can get past the years of memes that followed in its wake). And as with any other media, you want to know what the person who created the last thing you really like is up to.

Well, it seems like with Quantum Conundrum, Swift's work isn't going to be too far off from what she did on Portal, bringing the same sort of dry science-minded wit to this physics-based puzzler. Frankly, I'm pretty alright with that.

Title: Civilization V: Gods & Kings expansion

Platform(s): PC

Hey gang, do you like Civ? Well, here's more Civ! This expansion for Civilization V is really more of a polish, upgrade to the main game than a full-fledged Civilization ver. V-point-whatever, bringing back religion to the series' fold, as well as tweaks to combat and World Domination.

This is really a means of getting more out of the game than playing it in new ways, but I'll talk about that in greater detail later this week when I review this expansion.


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