Live-Action "Steel Battalion" Short is Live, Intro'd By Director Mamoru Oshii

The Ghost in the Shell director talks about heading back to the Poland to shoot Gosh, a short tying into the upcoming Kinect title, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

Plus, see the short in action as it gets its first full-length trailer.

The English-language short is set in Poland and follows the Polish Vertical Tank pilot Gosha (Iwona Miernik) who commands her own VT squad. The short comes to us courtesy of Machinima.

Here's the official synopsis:

Award winning director Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Avalon) presents, in collaboration with Capcom, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: Gosha, a live action film based on the upcoming Capcom release Steel Battalion Heavy Armor.Steel Battalion Heavy Armor: Gosha focuses on Polish Vertical Tank pilot Gosha who, like Sgt. Powers from the game, commands her own VT squad. Follow Gosha as she goes to war, but it’s not just a war between global factions,but also the conflict that exists among those under her command.

Here's Oshii talking about making the short, which is right in his very particular wheelhouse related to the mechanization of warfare and the disconnect that may create in global conflicts:

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor will be available June 19th on the Xbox 360 for Kinect.

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