Battle Arena E3 Throwdown - Second Attack!

The cream of the videogame crop has been hand-picked to battle for your entertainment in our all-out, no holds barred, slug-fest of the best trailers and videos from this year's E3! 32 characters from the hottest, freshest franchises will be judged by you, the fans, and there can only be one winner. Who gets an extra life and who gets unplugged is up to you!

In a fight between a transforming robot T-rex and an Italian plumber, who would win? If you put your money on the beloved Nintendo mascot, then you'd be pretty much wrong. The Grimlock vs. Mario contest was one of several surprises from the first round of Battle Arena E3 Throwdown voting.

Mascots had a rough time including the overnight ousting of Kratos by Skyrim's Dovahkiin by an approximately 70/30 split. Disney characters got the boot entirely, and Devil May Cry's Dante simply could not defeat Eric Cartman. Meanwhile, one of our producers here at MTV central is weeping bitter tears as his beloved CL4P-TP from Borderlands was taken down by Agent 47 in one of the first round's closest contests. Finally, Sonic was defeated by Monkey D. Luffy (seriously, a bad time to be a mascot) as we could be facing another bracket tournament where the bendy One Piece pirate could take the whole thing home again.

Voting for round two begins right now, right here: Battle Arena E3 Throwdown

Here's the current set of matchups:

And don't forget to follow the final two rounds:

Third round:

6pm ET 6/20 to 12pm ET 6/25

Fourth round:

6pm ET 6/25 to 12pm ET 6/28

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