'Lollipop Chainsaw' Zombie And Mindless Self Indulgence Frontman Jimmy Urine Talks Games

Jimmy Urine as Zed in Lollipop Chainsaw

The team behind Lollipop Chainsaw is a veritable who’s who of counter culture names. From James Gunn’s cinematic contributions to Suda 51’s enigmatic games, there’s some of the industry's most creative talent behind Juliet’s chainsaw. One of the most intriguing names on that list is the front man for the electro-punk band Mindless Self Indulgence, James Euringer, more commonly known as Jimmy Urine. Performing the voice of one of the zombie bosses in the game, Zed, as well as composing the music for all of the boss fights, Urine has always had close ties to the gaming community with call outs in MSI’s music videos, album art, and even the songs themselves. We recently had a chance to ask Jimmy some of our burning questions about his role in Lollipop Chainsaw, as well his background as a gamer.

MTV Multiplayer: How does the process of creating music for a game compare to creating music for a band?

Jimmy Urine: The first difference is that the visuals are setting your pace and tempo... and the second thing is that there are no vocals to deal with. Even though I do have melodies and some lyrics for all of the parts I wrote that I didn’t use ... I just can’t seem to help writing melodies

MTV Multiplayer: How big of a challenge was it creating different soundtracks for the each of the themed bosses in the game? Did anyone stand out as particularly challenging?

Urine: Coming from a band that uses every genre of music all the time, all at once it was easy to deal with all the different themes. I would start with each zombie boss's basic musical theme and then screw it up until it became more mindless.

Jimmy Urine

MTV Multiplayer: What was it like to work with Akira Yamaoka, and how did that influence the segments of the game that you got to work on?

Urine: I love Akira and his work, but just like voice over work, we didn’t really work together on our music. Where we did work together a little bit was in choosing the licensed music for the game... Akira would give a playlist of songs he wanted in the game and I would suggest maybe swapping out this band for that band or this song for that song etc.

MTV Multiplayer: What was your first thought when you found out you would be voicing a character in the game?

Urine: Well considering the character Zed was literally based on me, I literally said, "Do I need to audition? I gotta do this voice!!!"

MTV Multiplayer: How do you feel about Juliet biting your pink fairy style as a downloadable skin?

Urine: It was great to do the music for Lollipop, and a dream to voice a video game boss ... but seeing my outfit in the game was just goddamn flattering ... and Juliet looks better in it then I do. She is definitely ready to go to a Mindless Self Indulgence show.

Juliet as in Jimmy Urine's DLC skin in Lollipop Chainsaw

MTV Multiplayer: What did the other members of the band think of this project? Have any of them played the game?

Urine: They have not played it yet. I’m going to send them copies ... but we all love video games and so do our wives, husbands, and friends …so when I tell anyone about the game they are like, "Holy crap, that is awesome."

MTV Multiplayer: Mindless Self Indulgence has always has a close ties to video games, from the cover of You'll Rebel To Anything, to the video for "Never Wanted To Dance," where does that connection come from?

Urine: I wanted to do everything I did when I was a kid for the rest of my life …and I so far have achieved that. Video Games (check) Comic Books (check) Music (check) Animation (check) Design and Movies (check) ... I still need to unlock achievement for stunt man work.

MTV Multiplayer: What are some of the band's favorite games?

Urine: Off the top of my head I would say at any time on or off tour one or more members of Mindless Self Indulgence are plying ... Bust a Move, Final Fantasy, any Dungeon Crawler game, Minecraft, any Team ICO game, Magic the Gathering and Mega Man Mega.

MTV Multiplayer: Your first album as a group was recorded on an Atari computer, what software were you using?

Urine: I was using an Atari sequencer called Creator ... and I used it on every record ... and I’m gonna use it on my new record.

MTV Multiplayer: Were you playing any games on it as well?

Urine: No, I had an Amiga for games. I loved playing Another World and Gods... I could play the s** out of Gods right now. Damn, I’m gonna go find an emulator right now and see if I can make that dream a reality.

Jimmy Urine

Jimmy Urine Onstage at Irving Plaza in NYC In 2003
MTV Multiplayer: Have you gone back to using retro technology for any of your albums since then?

Urine: I don’t call it retro tech because I used the Atari and a lot of my other equipment in 1987 when it was current, and I never stopped using it ... so to me it’s just my old friends.

MTV Multiplayer: What's your favorite James Gunn movie?

Urine: I like Slither, but Super is my favorite. So many good jokes, and it just keeps amping up and up way past where you think it should stop ... go watch that one now.

MTV Multiplayer: What's your favorite Suda 51 game?

Urine: Before Lollipop Chainsaw it was No More Heroes...but now its Lollipop Chainsaw because I have played it for like 6 months straight working on this game.

MTV Multiplayer: Were you aware there was once a fan created MSI based video game in development? While that game may be dead, can we ever hope to see the rest of the band in a game? Maybe Vanessa can be a hidden character?

Urine: I remember that... that was a long time ago. If we did an Mindless Self Indulgence game I would want it to be an 8-bit side scroller like Mega Man 2 ... and I want to be the hidden character in every game.

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