Play it Now: Of Light and Shadow

By Jeffrey Matulef

Of Light and Shadow is an inventive twist on the 2D platformer wherein you play as two scientists; Mr. Light and Dr. Shadow. The former controls like a fairly traditional platformer hero capable of running and jumping. His only weakness is that he must stay in the light at all time.

Dr. Shadow, however, is vulnerable to the light and must stay in the dark. He also has more peculiar controls in which he's capable of walking along walls and ceilings as well as interacting with machinery.

Things get more complex when you learn to toggle between both characters as they avoid deadly obstacle courses on a bizarre planet. The level design takes great advantage of these two characters' complementary abilities, and the production values are sky high for a free game. Controls may be a little sluggish (I'd highly recommend playing with a gamepad, as the default button prompts suggest), but it's still a lot of fun.

For more info on how this works, check out the cleverly interactive trailer, then download the full game here.


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