Jimmy Fallon Demos the "Halo 4 Campaign"

The Covenant are back and they're not alone in this gameplay sequence from early in the Halo 4 campaign.

Slowly, surely, and somewhat confusingly talk show hosts have become part of the vanguard for big game reveals. Consider it a given that the major game announcement or preview may not necessarily happen in Game Informer, on G4, or even at your trusted MTV Multiplayer, but on the likes of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon*.

That's... cool? Yeah, it's definitely cool, I'm just weird and crotchety about where games and how games are shown off, but Jimmy's a proven big nerd for games and that enthusiasm is often palpable as he demos a new title or shows off a trailer on his show. He's joined this time out by 343 Industries' Creative Director Josh Holmes who walks Jimmy and the viewers through the beginning of the campaign for Halo 4.

Notice those things attacking the Master Chief at the 2:30 mark or so? Yeah, those aren't Jackals.

Halo 4 will be available on the Xbox 360 on November 6th.

*Or during the NBA Playoffs.

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