Sci-Fi Adventure 'Resonance' Demo Available

By Jeffrey Matulef

A demo for the upcoming sci-fi thriller, Resonance, has been released on publisher Wadjet Eye Games' website.

The first commercial release from indie developer Vince Twelve, Resonance, is a sci-fi thriller about four characters racing to uncover a dead scientist's secret vault before what he was working on can fall into the wrong hands. While Resonance resembles a traditional point-and-click adventure, it seeks to put a new spin on the genre with its "long-term and short-term memory systems," wherein each of the four playable characters can collect memories that will influence their conversation and puzzle-solving options. Bastion narrator Logan Cunningham will also have a leading role.

After being in development for five years, Resonance will be released for PC on June 19th, 2012. It's currently available for pre-order at Wadjet Eye Games and Digital pre-orders will be 10% off, making the game $8.99 rather than $9.99, and come with desktop wallpapers, a digital poster, an MP3 soundtrack, a "behind the scenes" video, and video developer diaries. Additionally, there is a boxed limited edition available exclusively from Wadjet Eye for $24.99 that includes a printed poster along with all the other goodies as well.

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