Escape Goat Escapes Onto PC This Week

By Jeffrey Matulef

Released last year as an XBLIG title, Escape Goat was at one point the 19th highest rated game out of over 2,400 titles.

"You play as a goat, imprisoned for witchcraft, who must escape a diabolical prison with the aid of a friendly mouse. Use the environment to your advantage to overcome traps, puzzles, and ruthless foes," said creator Ian Stocker.

We pressed for comment on what new features the PC version of Escape Goat would add. Stocker gave us this rundown:

  • Keyboard controls, settings, and the other stuff PC users like.
  • Full-featured editor capable of making complete worlds, can share files (something the Xbox version can't do).
  • Some new tilesets, improved physics, slight improvements to level design.
  • All new bonus campaign with 50 new puzzles, ranging in difficulty from "hard' to "masochistic."
  • Autosaving and multiple save slots.

See this fluffy Houdini in action in this brand new trailer for the PC version.

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