More Villains From "The Amazing Spider-Man" Revealed In Screens and Concept Art

The Black Cat and... Vermin... confirmed for the upcoming movie tie-in.

The fictional backstory for Spider-Man villain Vermin is pretty sad and occasionally icky in terms of the weird sort of emotional button-pushing not-great writers like to indulge in. He's like a proto-C.H.U.D. who eats New Yorkers and sometimes attempts to kill Spider-Man, and he'll be in the upcoming game from Activision and Beenox.

Vermin joins revamped versions of The Scorpion, Black Cat (going by her civilian identity Felicia Hardy in the materials Activision sent along), and the film's heavy The Lizard. A couple of notes about the changes from their comic counterparts: the artists at Beenox seem to have gone full-on mutant monster for The Scorpion (something I feel like happened in a 90's incarnation of the character but refuse to look up) while they're probably trying to avoid brand confusion with another big summer action movie by pointedly not giving their villainess her better-known feline nom de crime.

Here they go in all their glory (and Vermin in all of his terribleness).

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The Amazing Spider-Man will be available across all platforms on June 26th.

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