Tex Murphy 'Project Fedora' Kickstarter Funded

By Jeffrey Matulef

The Tex Murphy sequel Project Fedora has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, currently surpassing its $450,000 goal with $513,137 as of writing this.

"Honestly, the chance to bring Tex back and building a new game is like having all my birthdays, Christmases, and sports teams winning their respective championships an having it all occur on the same day," says Tex Murphy creator and star, Chris Jones.

There's still four days left in the Kickstarter, and Jones is looking to add more to the game if they hit certain "stretch goals."

The first stretch goal was to exceed the original goal by 10% ($495,000), which has already been met. This means developer Big Finish Games will expand Chandler Avenue with three new businesses and add additional characters.

At 20% ($540,000), they'll port the game to android tablets and Xbox 360, pending approval from Microsoft. They'll also provide French, Spanish, Italian, and German language options, as well as "more recognizable actors." (Could James Earl Jones return?)

Finally, if they exceed their goal by 30% ($585,000),they'll add an especially dangerous new section of Chandler Ave, a golf mini-game, and a live orchestra to record the soundtrack.

Jones ended the Stretch Goals video by reminding donators that his buddies, Two Guys From Andromeda's upcoming Space Venture's Kickstarter is running out. It's only a hair's breadth from meeting its goal with 22 hours to go.

The Project Fedora Kickstarter will end on June 16th, at 1:51 AM EDT.

[Source: Kickstarter]

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