Sci-Fi Writer Neal Stephenson Starts Kickstarter to Make Sword-Fighting Game

By Jeffrey Matulef

Science-fiction writer Neal Stephenson's (Snow Crash)  first foray in the realm of interactive entertainment is his Kickstarter project, Clang. Described as "Guitar Hero with swords," he seeks to make an authentic sword-fighting game with motion control.

"I've been writing science and historical fiction for three decades," says Stephenson. "Well screw that! I want to do a videogame."

Initially Clang will be a "PC arena game based on one-on-one multiplayer dueling," though the project could expand from there. "We don't want to mess this up by overreaching," Stephenson adds.

"For years now I've been burning the midnight oil learning everything I need to know to make this videogame in a way that will be faithful to the hollowed traditions of swordsmanship."

Stephenson aims to make $500,000 by July 9th at noon EDT to fund Clang. Currently it's at $188,561 in just a couple days.

For more information, check out these videos where Stephenson goes into detail about how this will work.

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