Bullet Mix: The "Max Payne 3" Mixtape "Trouble In Brazil" Is Available and Free

Music from the club shootout in Max Payne 3 gets cut and mixed for this free release from DJ collective Trouble & Bass.

The album is available now to stream or download via Rockstar's Soundcloud player (here's the direct link to the album). That's about 24 minutes of music from the nightclub sequence as full tracks.

Here's how Rockstar describes the music from the mixtape:

As Serrano gives his Comando Sombra henchmen the signal to unleash hell on Club Moderno’s dance floor and Max puts down his lowball glass and picks up his PT92 - you are treated to a bass-driven set teeming with energy and filled with Trouble & Bass' own funhouse collection of house, electro and fat low end.

Trouble & Bass are guest acts on the game's soundtrack which was composed by L.A. band HEALTH. You can sample their compositions on the Soundcloud page while the full album is available now on iTunes. Their stuff sounds a little (a little, mind) like Sleigh Bells by way of mid-90's defunct electronic/funk/industrial act Nature, the latter reference probably only has meaning for me.

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