Reading Material: A "Metal Gear Solid" Novel, Plus More "Max Payne," "Darksiders II" Comics

The second issue of the Max Payne miniseries hits next week while Darksiders II has a digital comic on the way from Dark Horse, and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots gets a novel from the late sci-fi author Keikaku (Project) Itoh.

The book will also include an essay by Hideo Kojima, who was a friend of Itoh. Released as part of the Metal Gear 25th anniversary festivities, the novel brings the story of Guns of the Patriots to the page in what sounds like a direct novelization of the game's script.

Here's the synopsis:

METAL GEAR SOLID: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS delivers the latest bullet-ridden adventures of Solid Snake, a crack soldier who is part of a worldwide nanotechnology network known as the Sons of the Patriots. Time is running out for Snake though, as he will soon succumb to the FOXDIE virus, but not before spreading the disease to nearly everyone he encounters, in essence becoming a walking biological weapon. Snake will need every advantage he can get, as the SOP network is about to be hacked by his old enemy Liquid Ocelot, and whoever controls SOP controls the world.

Guns of the Patriots is being published by VIZ Media through their Haikasoru imprint and will be available on June 19th, both in print and digitally.

Darksiders II goes digital

This isn't to be confused with the Best Buy exclusive comic that's available for those who preorder the game. That book is a prequel #0 issue, while this five-issue series will detail the events that occur before the Apocalypse.

Written by Andrew Kreisberg with art by Roger Robinson, the full title of the series is Darksiders II: At Death's Door, and will be available on July 4th for 0.99 an issue on the Dark Horse Digital site.

More Max

Making its debut next week is the second issue of the Max Payne 3 tie-in comic series, which will be available on the Rockstar site. if you'll recall, the series provides some backstory for the troubled, hard-drinking cop, leading into the action of the most recent game.

Here's the synopsis:

"Hoboken Blues" further explores Max's fractured psyche as he recalls the circumstances of his life that led up to his confrontation with Tony DeMarco in the Hoboken dive bar at the onset of Chapter 4 in Max Payne 3. Max's time as a New York City cop, his early days on the force, meeting his wife and his ultimate dismissal from the NYPD in the wake of the events that transpired in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne are all featured in this new issue, again written by Dan Houser and Remedy's Sam Lake, with cover art by Jorge Molina and pencils and inks by Fernando Blanco.

There's also still time to get your hands on a printed edition of Issue #1: "After The Fall", as we're giving away ten copies to lucky Social Club members every week until through the end of this month. Just enter your Social Club info at for your chance to win.

Max Payne 3: Hoboken Blues will be available on June 12th.

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