E3 2012: You, Me, and the "Papo & Yo" Trailer and Screenshots

Hey, when did they put an ampersand into the title?

Minor title change aside (the puzzle platformer was Papo y Yo for a while), check out some images from this PSN exclusive. Developed by Minority Studios, you play as Quico, whose friend Monster will help you solve environmental puzzles, and it'll require you to read his emotions to discern what Monster needs so that he'll help you. Oh, and he's also addicted to poisonous frogs and will fly into a violent rage when he eats them, endangering everyone nearby, including Quico.

This is one of the more off-beat titles that we've been looking forward to at Multiplayer HQ, from the curious art style which changes based on your characters' emotions to the whole companion character management. In a grim detail from the game's press kit, it's apparently based on the childhood relationship between Papo & Yo's Creative Director Vander Caballero and his alcoholic father.

Ahora, mira a esos fotos (and forgive my rusty Spanish):

[gallery link="file" exclude="77351,77350"]

Papo & Yo will be available sometime later this year on PSN.

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