E3 2012: Nintendo's 3DS Presentation - Paper, Mirrors, Gold, and Ghosts

The Big N's back to show off a bunch of 3DS stuff! Won't you join me in checking it out?

Scott Moffit, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo too the stage to talk about some of the first and third-party offerings on the way to the 3DS over the next few months. The first title up was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate. The game is being developed by Spanish studio MercurySteam. After playing the trailer for the middle chapter in the Lords of Shadow saga, we got to see a bit of gameplay as Trevor Belmont used his whip chain to dispatch some new enemies in the cursed castle.

Besides his primary weapon, Trevor also has secondary weapons like his boomerang which sticks into enemies and does damage. As with Castlevania games of the past, you can restock your secondary weapon by earning hearts through breaking objects and killing enemies. I may have misheard, but I sure could have sworn that Alucard will be a playable character in Mirror of Fate. In any event, there will be four playable characters in Mirror of Fate which will be available at retail this fall.

Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon was next up with a new trailer demoing some of the action from Luigi's next ghostbusting adventure. Luigi's Mansion 2 will include multiple mansions and Luigi will now have a multi-colored beam to find objects in the environment. Moffitt reiterated that this will be available at retail and downloadable through the Nintendo eShop.

Warren Spector came up to talk about Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. This isn't a remake or port, but instead an all-new game. The new game is inspired by the 90's game Castle of Illusion and is set in Wasteland, where forgotten, discarded Disney characters reside. It's a 2D, sprite-based game featuring characters from Disney films past and the villain is Sleeping Beauty heavy, Maleficent.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion will be available on November 18th.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star (which Moffitt covered a bit yesterday) is the first entry in that series on a handheld. Battles are turn-based in this one as with previous Paper Mario games, the twist this time around involving stickers that you collect which have offensive and defensive effects. Battles will earn you stickers and coins, and you can initiate fights by stomping on enemies, and select your stickers using the 3DS touchscreen. During battle, you can spend coins for a chance to deploy multiple stickers using a slot machine-style thing.

Interesting note: you won't earn XP through battles, but instead through solving puzzles throughout the world. You can also find real-world items that you'll have to sticker-ize so they can both be used in battle as well as advancing the story. For instance, a sticker-ized oscillating fan was dropped into the game world, became giant, and blew a bunch of Goombas off the world screen.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star will be available this holiday season.

The July 31st release Kingdom Hearts 3D was shown. It'll include Street Pass functionality as well as a slow-mo feature for smooth attacks. We should expect a demo soon in the eShop.

Scribblenauts Unlimited got some screen time with its trailer. It's effectively an open world game where Maxwell roams around, solving puzzles.

In a quick montage, games we've seen a bit of in the past were shown: LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes, Transformers: Prime The Game, Rabbids Rumble, and Square Enix RPG Heroes of Ruin. The LEGO Batman 2 demo is available now.

Plus, Pokemon Black Version and White Version will be available later this year. The app Pokemon Dream Radar is a free download which will allow you to capture Pokemon and drop them into the two new Pokemon games. The Pokedex will also remain free.

Some interesting facts: 75% of U.S. 3DS owners have gone online, and eShop titles are some of the highest-rated for the platform.

The 3D, live-action comedy series Threediots is making its debut in the eShop today.

Moffitt reiterated that future 3DS titles will be available at retail, via download, and through download codes at retail, with New Super Mario Bros. 2 being the first title to use this strategy when it launches August 19th.

Speaking of which, the goal in NSMB2 is about collecting coins and there's a continuous counter which will keep track of how many coins you collect during the life of the game. A new mode is Coin Rush Mode, where you have to collect as many of the coins as you can in a previously completed level, and you only get one life. Using Street Pass, you can see how many coins other users have collected in levels so you can attempt to beat their score.

You can also play the entire game in co-op. If your partner dies or gets left behind, they're transported through the level in a bubble until they catch up.

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