E3 2012: Go Beyond Quantic Dream's "Beyond: Two Souls" In Stills

David Cage again promises to revolutionize stories in games. We'll see...

I could say I'm trying not to rush to judgement on Quantic Dream's next title based simply on a video at E3, but that wouldn't be at all honest. Between Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, I would argue that his studio has created some very interesting hooks for interactive movies and raised the bar for in-game visuals, but in terms of making better games with greater narrative engagement, neither of those games has really done much on either front. Both of those titles sit somewhere uneasily between film and simulation, but if we're going to split hairs (and I'm totally prepared to sit here and split hairs until we have infinite hairs), Heavy Rain wasn't much in the way of a game.*

Beyond promises to ramp up the photorealism and to be sure, it looks gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing CG Ellen Page do whatever it is they plan on having her do (again, it looks like they're riffing on Firestarter by way of The Sixth Sense, and I'm very down with that). What the actual points of interaction are for your character aren't quite clear at this point, but it looks like our heroine Jodi, will be packing some telekinesis against what looks like government heavies in Beyond: Two Souls.

You can see some stills from the video below:

[gallery link="file" exclude="77310,77309"]

*Let's allow that Indigo Prophecy was in the adventure game milieu, with a greater emphasis on objective-based interactions.

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