E3 2012: Is That Alucard In the "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2" Trailer?

Is Gabriel Belmont's nemesis... the son of Dracula?

Plus screens and concept art from the in-development sequel after the jump.

According to the official site, Dracula (or as we now know from the Mirror of Fate synopsis, Gabriel Belmont) is tired of his immortal existence but must still face some new threat from the Belmont family and the Brotherhood of Light. Why he won't just let them kill him remains to be seen, but Lords of Shadow 2 will apparently be the conclusion of this particular series, as Gabriel attempts to power himself back up to defeat his new enemies.

So who's the guy with white hair? Well, Trevor Belmont is Gabriel's nemesis in Mirror of Fate (both are playable characters in the 3DS game), but Symphony of the Night protagonist Alucard is half-vampire, so it can't be Trevor with a new name, can it?

In any event, I was quite a fan of the first Lords of Shadow, particularly the gut-punch of a post-credits ending which saw poor Gabriel pitched into the same sort of monstrousness he'd spent the previous hours fighting. That game had some seriously solid combat mixing the whip action that we associate with Castelvania in a 3D space. If Konami can see fit to avoid the QTE-heavy boss battles, and increase the already prodigious move set, then they'll have a winner that will surpass the original.

Check out some stills from the trailer as well as a couple of environment images below:

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