E3 2012: Square Enix Shows off Their New Engine With "Agni's Philosphy" Demo

Is this the future look of Final Fantasy?

That seems to be Square Enix's hope, anyway using the realtime tech demo "Agni's Philosphy" which is the debut of their Luminous Studio engine. Beyond consoles, Luminous Engine will be prettifying games on the web, smartphones, and PCs in the future if developers like what they see here.

My first thought: it's far less shiny than the current generation engine that Square Enix has been using for Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. The lack of gloss makes the skin of the human characters look a bit more natural, a lot less platic-y than in previous games.

Given that it's realtime, Square hopes to maintain the same level of visual fidelity while you actually play the game, but there's no word on what hypothetical game it might be showing up in first.

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