E3 2012: More "Star Wars 1313" In Video, Screens

LucasArts upcoming cover-based shooter set in the Star Wars universe delivers a blast of images to your face.

What do you think, will Star Wars 1313 be the first game bearing the name Star Wars to garner an M-rating? In the press release, LucasArts touts 1313 as "a brand new mature videogame franchise" (emphasis mine). And while that could simply be boilerplate to say that this ain't your dad's galaxy far, far away, what if it portends the company deciding to go a little darker with the franchise.

This comes on the heels of the showrunner for the upcoming Star Wars TV series likening it to Deadwood in space, and it looks like LucasArts might be making a full 180 from the family focus of the prequel trilogy (or at least the first two entries) and into the grimness and (occasional) badassery of the extended universe.

You can check out a few screens of gameplay below:

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